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However, over the past few months, something interesting has happened...I have received multiple requests for baked goods, particularly my cookies. I am also receiving multiple requests for granola. So, with all these requests in mind, I have started to make my cookies for sale, along with my granola.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

365 in 365 - #105 - Veggie of the day is Cauliflower

Days left in this challenge:  119             Recipes left to post:  260             

Good Morning Everyone.....it is 3am here in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area and I just couldn't sleep.  Over the past several days, I have been thinking about the challenge that I set out on at the beginning of the year and am determined to meet it.  So, with keyboard placed firmly on the desktop, fingers in motion, mind moving faster than the speed of sleep tonite, I will begin again...

Roasted Cauliflower
Cauliflower is one of those veggies that is very benign.  It doesn't have a strong flavor and if seasoned well, will pick up the scent and taste of whatever we choose to put in it.  One of my favorite ways to cook cauliflower is to roast it.  This brings out the natural sweetness and a depth of flavor that may surprise you.

Olive oil - infused olive oil works well here, particularly an Italian herb infused oil
1 head of cauliflower
1 head of garlic
1 tablespoon of finely chopped fresh, rosemary
Salt & pepper to taste
1/4 teaspoon Red pepper flakes
1/2 stick of butter at room temperature
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, finely grated

Preheat oven to 350`, use the middle rack

Begin by removing the green leaves from the underside of the cauliflower and cut out much of the stem but try to leave the cauliflower head intact.  Take the head of garlic and cut the top off the entire head.   In a pan that will fit the cauliflower, drizzle olive oil to coat the pan with about 1/4 inch, place the garlic head in the center, and drizzle with a little more olive oil, place the cauliflower over the garlic, brush or drizzle the cauliflower with a little olive oil, sprinkle lightly with salt & pepper.  Cover the pan tightly with tin foil and bake until tender, approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

In the mean time, mix the butter, rosemary and red pepper flake and set aside.

When the cauliflower is nice and tender, remove from the oven and process in small batches using a food processor, squeeze the garlic cloves out of the head of garlic, add the cream and butter mixture and cheese, stir to incorporate.  This makes a nice substitute for whipped potatoes and is very flavorful.

I know that you will enjoy this tasty cauliflower dish.

From the heart of my purple kitchen to you,



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