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Over the past few years, I have been working on a cookbook. During this time, I took time off to finish my Master's Degree. Now that I have accomplished that, I am working again on my cookbook, slowly but surely.

However, over the past few months, something interesting has happened...I have received multiple requests for baked goods, particularly my cookies. I am also receiving multiple requests for granola. So, with all these requests in mind, I have started to make my cookies for sale, along with my granola.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cool weather, hot drinks

It is finally getting cold in Texas.  This is the perfect November nite....cold, rainy, distant thunder....perfection.  It is also the perfect nite for White Hot Chocolate with Grand Marnier.  This is the perfect drink.  It almost reminds me of a creamsicle.   2 cups of whole milk, 1/2 cup heavy cream, 1/2 cup chopped white chocolate, 1/2 cup Grand Marnier.  Bring the mixture up to the point of where steam rises from the pan and until the chocolate is melted.  Add 1 tsp vanilla. stir, serve and enjoy.  You can substitute chambourd for the grand marnier, you can also substitute with chambourd and lady godiva dark chocolate liquer.....where ever your imagination takes you, you can go.  Bourbon and Peach schnapps would be fabulous....ooooo, now I'm thinkin'.

This hot chocolate also converts beautifully to a rich pudding.....just dissolve 4-5 tablespoons of corn starch in 4 - 5 tbsp of water and add slowly to the hot liquid making sure to wisk constantly....once it bubbles, it is done.  Serve in your favorite pudding vessels with a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy.

Hot tea is a very New England Beverage served with a bit of honey and milk.  I also add a bit of real maple syrup and a smidge of vanilla to get a luscious version of maple vanilla tea.

These are all items that we fixed at home, however the children did not get the liquor in the hot cocoa.  But we enjoyed it just as much.

Type with y'all later....

Oooo....send ideas for Tapas dishes....I'm throwing my husband a birthday party this year with about 20 guests.....the more ideas, the merrier.....

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Susan love it! I love to cook different things and try new ideas. Love this, have you seen my blog of our travels , it is amusing and short with video and pictures? I will send it to you, I ususally post it on FB too. take care, Sandy Wickstrom